The Horse


The horse looked around and saw lots of sheep and cows huddled together in their own groups in pens. The horse was on his own in a pen with a small amount of straw strewn around on the concrete floor under hoof. There were men talking nearby, near some cows and the horse watched the men usher the cows along, out of their pen and into another room. He watched the men do the same with the rest of the cows and then the sheep until there were no more animals left in the room except him. The men in white overalls came up to the horse’s pen, and one man opened the gate whilst another came behind the horse. The horse asked the men in English where he was going but the men, like everybody else except the man he had spoken to, ignored him. The horse accepted this, as had done many times in his field and walked into the next room with the men. The door then shut behind him and a man holding something walked up to him. And then nothing.