The Horse


For months the man would leave the house ten minutes early in the hope that he would see the horse again so they could talk about their day. But the horse never came back. Eventually the man started scouring nearby fields for any sign of his friend, but all he saw were other horses and sheep. Over time the man accepted that the horse was gone, but even though he missed him he noticed that he was no longer bored with life, as since the horse had disappeared, the man, instead of sitting down and watching television after dinner, had decided to learn Spanish, with the plan, in time, to relocate to Spain.


The sun was beating down fiercely as it does on most days in southern Spain, but the man was in his garden, in the shade of an olive tree relaxing. He had been in Spain for months now and was enjoying his new life. He was glad he had met the bi-lingual horse – for it was because of the horse that he was here in Spain. But he did still miss him. The man then looked up from his book and glanced through the olive grove across to the field on the other side. It was then, in the shade of the olive trees that the Spanish horse, which the man saw every day in the field next to his house said “Hello”.