The Horse


The next day the man woke up again at 6.20 and repeated the routine of the previous morning, except this time he had two cups of coffee.

The horse was in the field in the same place that he was yesterday and so the man went over to the horse and addressed him in Spanish; Hola being the only Spanish he knew. The Horse responded to the man’s greeting with “Hello” and they both laughed.

They spoke for twenty minutes, mainly about how the man had spent his evening. He told the horse that he had made dinner and then sat down for most of the night watching television. The horse had never watched television and even though the concept to him seemed strange and somewhat alluring he knew that he was better off in the field eating grass and thinking about the people that he encountered during the day.

The man went to work and spent the day weeding a vegetable patch and thinking about the horse and why he had approached him yesterday, after all, the horse had been in that field for years and never before had they spoken. So why now?

The man was keen to get back home to ask the horse why he had decided to speak to him after all these years and so he left work early and drove back home, but when he got back the horse was nowhere to be seen.