The Horse


The man woke up from a seven hour sleep and looked at the clock. It read 6.20am and so he decided it was time to get up for work. The man worked as a gardener and even though he liked his job, he was also bored of it and sometimes bored with life. There were many times he would consider his path and whether or not the path he had chosen was the path that would lead him to long term happiness or indeed great regret. The man didn’t believe in regret however so he decided that this was the path he had chosen and that was that.

The man put the kettle on, made a coffee with one sugar and milk then he got dressed and did his ablutions. At 7.30 he left the house and walked round to his truck to leave for work. Then he saw the horse in the field, which he saw everyday, but this time something different happened – the horse looked over at him and addressed the man in Spanish. The man was initially taken aback as he had never known a horse to speak Spanish, but he was intrigued to embrace the moment and so instead of getting into his truck and going to work he responded to the horse in English, as he didn’t know any Spanish. The horse replied in English as it turned out that he was bi-lingual.

The man and the horse talked for around fifteen minutes, mainly about how the horse had come to learn Spanish and then the man left for work.

For the rest of the day, the horse stood around in the field addressing people walking their dogs, but nobody responded. The horse was sad and wanted the man to come back home so he could talk to him again.

At four o’clock the man came back home and the horse was glad as he had so much to tell the man. They spoke again for a little while, mainly about how the people walking their dogs had ignored the horse and then the man went inside to make his dinner.