The Fans


I didn’t go to the gig myself but a friend went and witnessed the spectacle. Apparently the band, even though they were the opening act came on ten minutes late in order to whip their fans into a frenzy upon their arrival. It was said to be quite a sight, what with their throng of twenty elongated fans and the one stunted fan in amongst them, all thrashing around.

The band’s set went well; I guess the added confidence that came with having a passionate group of fans paid dividends to their show. However, half way through the set, the long, stringy fans after bobbing their heads to the music constantly, started to bend in towards themselves. Their heads started to tuck into their stomach’s and eventually they all rolled up on themselves and wilted onto the floor in a heap. The single stunted fan carried on nodding his head oblivious to the commotion, enraptured by his heroes onstage.

After the gig, the band were aghast, as like the stunted fan were so engrossed by the occasion that they hadn’t noticed the fans wilting.

According to my mate, the owner of the venue quickly intervened and handed the band brushes to sweep away the debris they had inadvertently created.

That was the last I ever heard of that band.