Today we took Burt and Ernie back to their previous owners and swapped them with an old orphan ewe we bottle fed five years ago and her lamb of this year. When we got the ewe as an orphan lambie, me mam named her ‘April’, she became a pet and lived in our garden with her mates the chickens and now again would go to my mum’s house to watch Jonathon Ross. She became very tame and everyone loved her but when she reached maturity she had to go back to the flock and become a sheep.

Anyway, she’s been living in a field next door with her mates for the last few years and we always say hi, but now we don’t have to do that anymore cos she’s back home. And she has this years lamb with her – a wether (castrated male) who we have called Eric.

Another thing which is good is that it is now harvesting time – so we have an abundance of veg to go with the ol’ sunday roast, and some lovely, fiery, homemade chilli sauce 🙂