I have an issue with films. Most people that know me know this, and so I get recommendations now and again for films that I may like. Now and again they get it right and a film comes my way that I can be bothered to watch. This sounds extremely pretentious I know, and to be fair I have seen hundreds of films, BUT, I must add, I really resent spending an hour and half to two + of my life watching someone else’s crap idea being brought to light when I can be in my world, not really giving a fuck about what other people may be thinking or doing.

Anyway, my mate Darren texted me last week to let me know that he was watching a film called ‘The Lobster’. He suggested I watch it. And so I bought and now I have watched it.

It’s a good film. On the back of the DVD it says it’s humourous. But it’s not really. Well it is, but not in a funny kinda way. The whole film is kinda ironic in that the acting is purposely stilted and wooden and the story line is jilted. The filming is beautiful, which makes it all arty and juxtaposed against the endless oddness.

If I could give a synopsis of the film it would be the this:

The basis of human life is acceptance. The vast majority of the film is based around the idea of ‘love’ in the near future. The quirk within the film being that when you fall out of love with your spouse you are sent to a hotel where you must find a mate within 45 days or else you are turned into an animal of your choice.

Quirky and funny. But, the common thing I got from it was the thought that humans look for acceptance within things that they understand, in that their weaknesses become paramount – we search for the partner that will accept us for who we are, rather than the people we so desperately aspire to be. It mocks a little I guess.

A subversive modern film I guess.