Since getting into photography I have become somewhat obsessed with cameras and lenses and what different cameras can do and all that. It’s a really infuriating hobby in that, although I find it really enjoyable, it’s annoying in that the fact the no one camera can do everything you want it to do. So I currently have three. Which is frustrating cos I don’t like objects or possessions because they are stupid and cost money and I don’t consider myself materialistic. However, I guess cameras in essence are tools, and I suppose you do have different tools for different jobs.

I do have a few guitars, cos you need an electric one, then you need a back up one for gigs and stuff. I also have a Spanish guitar and an electric acoustic. Once again, they all have different uses. And i’m comfortable with this. So why aren’t I comfortable with having three cameras, even tho’ they have different abilities?

Here are two different shots of my cat ‘Mole’ that I just took. The first is with my old Fuji s5 which I love, but it’s slow and doesn’t work very well in bad light. It has a filmy sort of look to it which I like, but it’s not always the sharpest of cameras. The second shot is taken with my Sigma dp2 Merrill, which is very very flawed in that it takes about 60 shots before running out of battery, doesn’t have a viewfinder and has a horribly slow autofocus, but, and it’s a big but, it takes incredibly sharp and yet still film-like pictures.

My last camera, a Fuji X-m1 is a good all-rounder, in that it is modern, has a tilt screen, can shoot in low light and has video abilities etc yet although the pics are sharp, they just don’t have the same feel as the latter two. But it is way easier and faster to use.

Bloody first world consumerist conundrums. What the hell have I become?!