Pond Life


So there we go. I have finally put my money where my mouth is and have gotten rid of my Twitter and Facebook. For good. Social suicide you may cry with silent uproar from behind your screen, but contrarily and in my (and i’m sure plenty of others) humble opinion, social networking is itself social suicide.

Anyway. So here’s the plan. Continue on with what I’ve been doing for years ie making Art, Music and Smallholding etc, but look into a way of melding it all together more as foundation for other people to be involved with. Kind of a way of life formula. I mean, that’s what I do anyway, but it might be nice to make an ideology that brings other people into it too. And in a real kinduvva way, not a cyber kinduvva way….

If you know me well, then you will know that I know John Papworth. Look him up on wiki or summat. But in a nutshell he’s a radical politician that has dedicated his life to trying to open people’s eyes to his ideology that ‘Small is beautiful’. In a governmental way. He doesn’t have a love for amoeba’s or owt. John basically believes that once something becomes too big, it fails. This can be related to pretty much anything, but in John’s instance he’s means top down government. He believes that when something becomes centralised and too powerful, corruption takes over. After all we’re human. Look at it from a Tolkien esque perspective ala The Lord of the Rings if you want to think of it in a more manageable and popularised format. Anyway, John asked me to take over his magazine ‘Purton Today’ last year – an offer that I politely declined, no matter how flattered I was. I basically declined for the reasoning that it was his magazine and that i’m not a journalist. I just write now and again for poos and larfs. But I did tell him that I would take over the baton in my own way…

And that’s where Pond Life comes in. That’s the name of my version of Papworthism.

I have to be honest, I haven’t fully formed the true identity, vision and formula for Pond Life, but in it’s infant stages I’ve come up with a name (Pond Life), a slogan ‘Ponderings on existence away from the mainstream’ and a reason behind the name:

Everything in a pond is relatively small. And a pond is relatively small. And it’s all finely balanced and works within it’s own limitations. Everything works together for the sake of the pond. I’m not talking communism here tho’. Everything has it’s own individual role – it’s own identity. And it’s place. The pond is it’s own ecosystem and it’s own subculture and it knows it’s limits.

” When is a pond not a pond?”

“When it’s a lake”

So there you go. That’s where I am right now.

In a pond. In my waders. Thinking about the pond and whether the waders have a hole in them…