Sing for your Life + Fusty Books

adam sing


So, last week I recorded my debut album/double EP. It’s only taken 10 years…
Basically, whenever I’ve been in between bands I’ve always kept busy musically by writing little funny odd folk songs. And so I thought it’d be good to put the… past behind and put them all together.
The first EP called ‘Sing for your Life’ is a collection of five songs written and performed solely by me.
The second ep/mini album ‘Fusty Books’ is more of a collaborative effort with other musicians, albeit everything is still composed by me. Golden oldies such as ‘Mousey Mousey Mousey (Dead Dead Dead) and ‘Ooh Grandma’ reappear like odd little inbreds amongst the undergrowth.
The plan is to do a load of vids of the songs over the coming months, so if you fancy having a go at a vid then get in touch with me. In the meantime, both records are available via iTunes:
The artwork for the cover was done by the ever wonderful people at Puttyfoot.
And the vid by the relentlessly creative Gordon Dickinson.
Adam x