I just had a really nice lunch which consisted of Calves liver, broad beans, carrots and sliced potato all fried up together in a pan with a bit of garlic, rosemary, thyme, sage, then dressed with a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Very posh you may cry, but what is posh about it really? It’s a bit of offal (cheap cut) fried in one pan with whatever I had lying around – albeit I must add all of the veg were literally harvested yesterday from our smallholding. So, there I was, feeling very smug with my flash in the pan dinner, thinking that my mate Alex (owner of The Beastro @Tapely) would be very proud/jealous and considering why I would want to share my meal with others in the format of writing and a photo.

Everyone does it nowadays, that is share our food on social networking – be it a Maccy Dee’s burger, a home cooked roast, afternoon tea, pub lunch, meal at Jamie Oliver’s etc – but why do we do it, apart from the obvious bit, which is that we are showing off in some way or another.

Maybe we are just trying to find out where we belong, and who we belong to and who we are?

Who knows?