Song for the Hollands

Many years ago I wrote a song for my neighbour Leslie Holland, after he and his wife Gerty died. I had a lot of time for Leslie. Maybe he even subconciously influenced me into taking a creative pathway in life. My mum has loads of his watercolours on her walls, from where he used to document the comings and goings of my mum and dad’s smallholding. Later on in life I found out that he did the cover for one of my favourite books ‘Brave New World’. I was astounded. And greatful that I had the pleasure to meet such a gifted and yet humble man.

His son Matt Holland has been quoted as saying:

“Dad was much keener on people who are marginal in society than big corporations.”

He said his father had often turned down the chance of lucrative work with companies such as Disney.

“He was much happier at places like the Purton Gymkhana, giving away his drawings for free.”

Today I made a quick video to go with the song I wrote for him and Gerty. The original 4 track demo I recorded myself got played at their wake I believe, but this here is a recently re-recorded version.

I hope you enjoy it.