Had a productive and fun day so far. That pic from last night is off to sunny Canada to live with Rosie. Sold my iPhone cos it’s a distraction (back to archaic phone again). Worked a couple of hours at a new client’s pub in Kempsford, pruning Wisteria and tidying. Plinked around on the piano […]

In London on Tuesday, as well attending that show in Mayfair I was in, I had a look around the current Royal Academy show of abstract expressionist work, featuring Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline, Mark Rothko and my fave Philip Guston. My friend Giovanna, who was with me remarked on how the Rothko’s invoke a kind […]

I’m sad to say I have left Sea Mammal and my good friends Matt and Henry in the lurch but it’s time for me to involve myself in the next part of my life – as most people know, Laura and I have a child on the way and I suppose I just want to […]