Today I was listening to music on my phone at work and for some reason came across a Kylie Minogue album on it.

I must’ve put it on there in a strange and cruel mood many moons ago, a day I can’t remember and actually don’t need to remember – for multiple reasons such as living in the moment and never having regrets, amongst others.

Anyway, I think I know why I had the album on iTunes – the first track on the album ‘Confide in me’ appealed to me for some odd reason when I was a youngling. It’s not a bad track I suppose, and maybe I just fancied ‘er, but anyway, the album hadn’t ripped onto iTunes properly and that first track was missing somehow. So I thought fuck it and decided to listen to the rest of the TURD OF AN ALBUM. I did chuckle may way through tracks such as Surrender, If I was your lover and the classic single ‘Put yourself in my place’. I think the concept of the album reverberates between neediness –

“Oh baby, I surrender my love to you (surrender), Oh baby
Just remember my love is true (surrender)”

and wanton smut masquerading as neediness –

“When no one else is around, you can put yourself in my place”

All in all fantastic stuff.