Whenever I get a spare moment I like to bumble around in the fields with a camera taking snaps of whatever may be around.

The likelihood of this situation is that the only things that are going to be around are things like plants and animals: the flora and the fauna of Purton is the main subject matter of my photos. Laura’s bum often makes an appearance, which is also a lovely sight, but all too often it’s whatever lives in the field that gets shot by my camera. It’s alright really. Better than wandering around a town taking snaps of humans and traffic cones I guess.

But what to do with all these pictures? Is it enough to get enjoyment from an hour or so walking around in a field and then posting the photos online for people to peruse, or should I make more of it? Could make a nice little book couldn’t it. Lot’s of nice snaps of the countryside intermingled with meandering, scribbly diary entries and such like.

Maybe it could be a winter project for when nature (and botanical photography) grinds to a halt and rests it’s weary head, ready in time for the first, fantastic, flush of Spring.