I will never get used to early mornings. It’s currently 6.40am and yeah, it’s a nice morning and all that, and i’m sure it was even nicer at sunrise (currently 5.04am) but no, mornings aren’t for me. Maybe when i’m older I might get into them more. That seems to be the trend doesn’t it. Maybe when you get older you really start to realise that your days are numbered and you want to see as much of it (life) as possible before you snuff it? Thing is, people that get up early also tend to go to bed early and apparantly, according to scientific tests, night owls are the clever ones. I’m not sure how much truth there is to that, but I like that notion, being one of them lot. If I could i’d stay up every night till the early hours getting pissed, listening to music, writing, reading, painting… whatever, I would. In fact, I used to do that all the time, regardless of having work the next day, but now i’m getting older and i’m far too responsible to do that anymore. Maybe that’s what it is – when you get older, you have more responsibilities and it’s those responsibilities that trammel and tame you. The inner child and contrarily, the wise owl have to be put to bed before ten o clock, just so that early bird can catch that worm, or go to work. How very civilised…