This week has largely been grey and overcast which is depressing considering it’s June. Everything is going bananas in the garden which means business is incredibly busy. Peter, my work sidekick has been ill, which makes things painful as i’m now firefighting on me todd to keep all of my gardening clients happy. But happy they must be.

Lat year I submitted a painting to the prestigious ‘John Moores’ painting prize’. I didn’t get in. Which annoyed me for about ten minutes. I try not to get annoyed for more than ten minutes because time is precious. Anyway, last week I got asked to partake in a Stuckist show in Liverpool which coincides with the Liverpool Bienalle and the John Moores’, so it seems ‘Roast’ has somehow found a way up to Liverpool, albeit via a different route.

It’s funny how things work out isn’t it. You know, i’ve always been a big believer in that, you know things working out if you believe they will. A friend once said to me after I was whinging about various limitations I was subconciously imposing on myself “Adam, you make the boundaries and you create your limits. Change the way you are thinking and you will get further”. I am paraphrasing I admit, and no this friend wasn’t a therapist. But it’s true. In the words of my late Grandma – “You make your own heaven, lad, and your own hell”.

Wise words.