Today is the 25th of May 2016. It’s 3.53pm to be precise and I am a human being sat down writing at a computer.

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything of any length on the computer as the keyboard hasn’t really been working properly. I’m not sure in the grand scheme of things that really matters, because I don’t write for a newspaper and not many people read what I write, and also I am speck in a giant universe – ultimately pretty unimportant when it comes to the big picture. Rubbish really, because I have a really high opinion of myself. As does everybody I think, not of me, but of themselves. I mean why else would you tell people on social networking sites what you are doing at every moment of the day. It’s a bit like dreams and babies. Yes, i’m sure you find your dream and your baby very interesting, but let’s be frank, nobody else really gives a fuck – they’re too wrapped up in their own world to care about yours. There’s irony in there somewhere…

Ok, so now I’m going to join in. I just ate some soup that I made with onions, garlic, carrots, cabbage, sweet potato, cumin, turmeric, coriander, stock and cream. Are you interested yet? If you say no it is because you don’t like soup and/or you don’t like cooking. Or maybe you don’t like food. If you say yes it is because you like soup, cooking and food in general. This means in the grand scheme of things us specks that are in the giant universe can connect in some way by nodding our metaphorical heads in agreeance that non processed, hearty and healthy food is best and we are the best and so we can slap each other on the back and be two collections of atoms feeling very smug to know each other in this world we look at and hear and smell.

I guess that’s what everybody is doing – trying to find out where they belong and who they belong with. It’s just survival I guess. People like to stick with their own kind. Makes ‘em feel protected and valued.

I’m not sure who my people are. I feel a bit like an alien most of the time. I often fantasize about living on a Scottish island, just me, Laura, the animals and the wild. Obviously I’d need an art studio and a music studio and a bedroom and a kitchen and a toilet, and I would like people to come and see me now and again to make music and talk about life as a human on this planet, but that’s it.

I just want the fundamentals – Food, sex, and the ability to be creative at will.

Everything else is just fluff.