Have just been going through a few old emails today and dug this ol’ chestnut out – twas an email from the singer of an old band (Veer Luth) whilst in those heady prenatal days of coming up with a band name… There’s some real crackers on this list, hahaha.

Look at the variation in the names frrom only one day… with this kind of randomness variety, how the hell are we meant to get  the list down to one name! 
hey Rhubarb
shouting at buses
prison vs nutrition
thin sticks
The Imperial Zenith
To Kill a King
The Forgotten Front
Steel Tigers
Achtung Panzer
Nightmares Unleashed
Messengers of Death
Rebel Sabres 
The Dough Boys 
The Incredible Meat Spout
Genius And The Wolfboy
The Entry Of Christ Into Brussels
Penelope Firehosen
The Heron
The Elk Band Quartet
the treacle sponges
sloth gun
adam the bong
look at him just look at him
c#nt hammer
marmite massacre
charlie and the chocolate c#ck
Also, in other news I have bought myself a piano for my birthday. Me learning how to play properly is long overdue.