So, Emily Drake and I have started doing a bit of collaborative art together… not 100% sure where we will end up with it, but that’s half the fun. Anyway, the plan for now is that maybe we will have an exhibition and maybe do a book. We don’t know where we will have the exhibition and we don’t know whether the book will be in landscape or portrait format, but we do know that we might do these things. Maybe we will just make masterpieces and squirrel them away in Emily’s garage in a box labelled (unfinished project – not as good as one would’ve thought), but either way we will have fun doing it. Anyway, this is the start – Emily has given me a heap of lovely, inky drawings, which I have been bastardizing. It’s the only way I know. This is one of our drawings of many, many of which will fall by the wayside. But this here, is a keeper we think. Enjoy.